Junior commits to Harvard for football


Sisay Shannon-Tamrat

Eric Wilson, complete with a dress shirt and tie, poses as he has committed to Harvard for football.

Playing sports in college is one thing, but to be playing them at one of the best academic colleges in the nation is something special.  Eric Wilson has been remarkable in academics, having a GPA of 4.0, and he ended his recruiting process by recently committing to play football at Harvard University.  Wilson is among the top offensive linemen in Minnesota and leads the Class of 2017 in the state in offers received.  Wilson has received an offer from every single Ivy League school, but only one school attracted his attention the most.

Out of every school that offered Wilson, the one that felt most comfortable for him was Harvard.  “To me, it felt like a home away from home. I know that is a cliche statement; however, it speaks the truth.  I have been in consistent contact with the coaches and players, and my connections with all of them were instantaneously strong.  It feels like a perfect fit,” Wilson said.

Eric explained that it never came down to just three schools, but that he was considering every school.  Although Eric had many schools interested in him, at the end of it all he chose Harvard.  “I knew I wanted to go to Harvard, and I knew I would never regret the decision, so I decided to commit a little earlier than usual,” Wilson explained.

An upside to committing early is getting rid of all the pressure that is put on during the recruiting process.  “I wouldn’t say I am glad that the recruiting process is over, but it is certainly a little relieving knowing that I have a place that I will be comfortable at for the next four years.  It takes some pressure off of you as an athlete and a student,” Wilson said.

The recruiting process can be fun and stressful at the same time.  Wilson explained that in order to make it fun you must enjoy the process with your family and make the best of the different options that are presented to you.  Now that the recruiting process is over, he doesn’t have this decision looming anymore.  “I can now just play the sport for the love of the game and focus on school work, training, and maintaining a balanced social life,” he said.

Wilson also explained that there isn’t much of a different mindset now that he doesn’t have to impress colleges anymore, as he still gets to play the sport he loves. “I still have to play every game, every quarter, every minute, and every snap as hard as I can to help my team to the best of my ability,” explained Wilson.

Wilson’s attitude can be attributed chiefly to his parents.  “My parents instilled in me a hard work ethic as a kid and that hard work ethic has stuck with me ever since my childhood. My dad was a West Point and Army man and my mom is a Notre Dame grad, and the two of them combined have always pushed me to always give it my all.”

So when it comes to motivating Wilson, he tries to think about beating the next guy ahead of him.  “All around the country there are linemen (like myself) working very hard every day to beat me and other linemen out for a possible chance at a starting position and to be considered the best at his craft,” said Wilson.

In addition to being strong academically, Wilson is one of the hardest working players that the BSM football team has ever seen. Whether it is working hard in the weight room or on the field, he is always giving his best effort towards everything he does.  Harvard will be gaining an amazing in couple years.