“Fuller House” tries to revive former nostalgia and storylines get lost

Andrew Plouff , Staff Writer

Almost 20 years after the end of “Full House,” the new Netflix original series, “Fuller House,” attempts to recreate the magic of the original show, but ends up being too corny and unoriginal. In this new show, the focus shifts to DJ Tanner (Candace Cameron Bure), who is a newly widowed mom. Along with sister Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin) and best friend Kimmy Gibbler (Andrea Barber), the three women move into the old Tanner household to help raise DJ’s three sons, along with Kimmy’s teenage daughter. During this time, they receive visits from Jesse (John Stamos), Joey (David Coulier), and many other characters from the original show.

The basis of this show rests heavily on the nostalgia of the original series. The entire pilot was essentially a tribute to the original series, heavily filled with references that poke fun at the show. Although the number of references diminished towards the end of the season, there were at least three or four references per episode. As someone who was a moderate fan “Full House,” I appreciated some of the references, but after a while it got too corny and I lost attention. Although the quality of the series eventually improved, the references were really annoying, and it made the show a lot less engaging.

With the show already being renewed for a second season, hopefully there will be less references about the past, and more focus on the storylines.

— Andrew Plouff

Something that surprised me about this series was how much I enjoyed the adult versions of the original characters. Going into the series, I thought that the show wouldn’t be interesting, seeing that the format of this show is practically the same. However, it was actually refreshing to see all these characters at a different stage in their life.

The standout character out of the three leads was obviously the marvelous Kimmy Gibbler. During the series, the show came to life whenever Gibbler entered because Barber’s portrayal of this character was, and always has been, sheer hilarity. Stephanie had the most character development from the original series, and she was another standout character. However, the same cannot be said DJ. In my opinion, DJ had always been the most bland member of Tanner family, and she does nothing to help her case. However, because she had Kimmy and Stephanie, the three were able to balance each other out and, as a trio, they were able to have an intriguing dynamic.

Overall, “Fuller House” will definitely appease anyone who was a big fan of the original series. As someone who liked the previous show, but was never a diehard fan, I enjoyed some episodes, and waited for others to end. In order to watch this show, I would highly recommend watching the original installment first, otherwise nothing will make sense. With the show already being renewed for a second season, hopefully there will be fewer references about the past, and more focus on the storylines. All in all, “Fuller House” is a light-hearted show that, although might be annoying to some, will provide laughs and joy for families and long time fans.