BSM hosts week of fun with March Madness Week

The student team came out victorious in the game against the teachers.

Obasi Lewis, Staff Writer

Monday- Mismatch Day

As typical Monday dress up days go, most students forgot about this theme for the first dayMarch Madness week. However, some students did remember. For example, senior Matt Lynch sported a plaid shirt with plaid shorts and yellow knee high socks.

Tuesday- Pajama Day

Pajama day is the favorite dress up day for many students. It’s the only day in the year that students have the opportunity to roll out of bed, put on shoes and head to school. While some students opted to wear flannel bottoms, some went all out with footie pajamas.

Wednesday- Decades Day

Although this was one of the less popular days, students who choose to dress up were enthusiastic. There was everything from hippie glasses and tie dye from the 70’s to denim jackets from the 80’s.

Thursday- America Day

America Day was the most popular dress ups days. Almost every student or teacher either dressed in red, white, and blue clothes, or clothing that consisted solely of the American flag pattern.

Friday- Jersey Day

On Friday, March Madness week concluded with Jersey Day and the highly anticipated students vs teacher basketball game. The students that participated were freshman Molly Paulison and Danny Monchamp, sophomores Sammy Deterding and Jacob Crueztmann, juniors Morgan Hovanec and Carston Swensen, and seniors Julia Stelljes and Jerry Calengor.

Teachers included Mr. Jeff Fix, Ms. Lindsey Novak, Ms. Frédérique Toft, Mr. Michael Becker, Mr. Jeremy Cramer, Mr. Adam Petroski, Mr. Matthew McMerty-Brummer, and for the first time Dr. Sue Skinner. The Emcee for the game was student council executive president Peter McCague. “It’s just a nice break and the game is a nice way to cement the week,” said McCague.

Despite the teacher’s best efforts, the students’ came out victorious with a 9-8 win. Highlights of the game included the choir student’s sign for Petroski and Skinner’s sensational scream when she got the ball. Seniors Matt Lynch and Jacob Fleming were referees.