Knightlife hosts annual Snow Football Tournament

Sophomore Jordan Frantz poses after scoring one of his touchdowns during the tournament.

The annual Snow Football Tournament was recently held on the BSM Turf, and lasted for two hours. The game was sponsored by Knightlife. Students made teams of 8-10 people, and played other teams from different grades. When the kids got cold, they were welcome to go to the library, where a movie was played. Pizza, cookies, and hot chocolate were available to the participants. “Snow football creates a safe, substance free environment in which students can have fun and play football with their friends,” Knightlife leader Lauren Goldstein said.

Besides having fun with friends, snow football can teach participants how to work together as a team and how to keep a good attitude when both winning and losing. These lessons can be applied to everyday life because they are key aspects to working with others in a classroom setting. “There is always a great turnout at snow football, possibly just because we offer Chipotle gift cards to the winners, but also because everyone who participates has a lot of fun while competing,” Goldstein mentioned.

The members of Knightlife also enjoyed the event. Sophomore Jordan Frantz scored five touchdowns, and his team did great in the competition. “My team worked really well together by winging it at the last second, keeping it positive, and chest bumping each other when we made good plays,” Frantz said.

After the tournament, players gave tips on how to keep a good attitude even if they did not come in first place. Sophomore Abigail Gage said that she still had a blast, even though her team did not come in first place: “Maintaining a good, sportsmanship-like attitude is the key to having a good time. Focusing more on spending time with friends is better than focusing on winning,” Gage said.

Overall, the Knightlife members who participated in the chilly, yet enjoyable game, all had good things to say about it. Everyone said that they will hopefully be able to make it next year, and bring back with them their tips on winning, enjoying themselves, and having an exciting, yet substance free, experience with their friends.