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Humans of the Twin Cities

“Don’t run into a big herd of geese. But besides that, just do what you want. Who cares what others think?”
“In life you also have to realize that there is failure. You’re going to fail; you’re going to stumble; you’re going to fall. But the best part of it is being able to pick yourself back up and say ‘okay I’m still going.’ And that’s the most important thing.”
“I grew up in a very conservative household, and when I got into adulthood I found that the philosophy I’d been brought up in didn’t really work and so I had to examine my life and my attitudes and basically become a different person.”
“If you’re going to be out here for something, make it legit.”
“Be curious. Ask more questions. Don’t just do what they say and try to understand why it’s happening. Explore and really try to spend time with people and try to be with people who are outside of your immediate context. I grew up in a super small town just west of here, and the best thing ever was moving to the cities and trying to understand other people other than myself.”
What is the biggest obstacle that you’ve faced in your life?  “Myself.”
Do you have any goals that you’re working towards?  “The next song.”
“Some of my most amazing experiences in nursing have been just holding somebody’s hand as they passed away. Some people think that’s really morbid, but it’s the most important life event other than being born.”

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