LGBTQ+ Coalition serves local homeless


Photo courtesy of Leo Driessen

Juniors Macy Rooney, Molly Keady and Leo Driessen serve juice and treats at River Life’s Men’s Shelter.

The LGBTQ+ Catholic Student Coalition is working hard to plant roots and make an impact in the community. The Coalition is a LGBTQ+ Catholic advocacy group that was put into place last year by 2015 graduate Parker Breza and current BSM junior Elizabeth Kupchella. This year, this social justice group is led by BSM juniors Macy Rooney, Stephanie Roberts, Molly Keady, and Leo Driessen.  Although this group mainly focuses on the rights of LGBTQ+ students, they also take part in volunteer work in the Twin Cities area.

On December 20, the Coalition paired with Dignity, a Catholic social justice group that advocates for LGBTQ+ people, and went to work feeding the homeless. “[Dignity] has been involved in things like Pride and Outfront Minnesota. They do a lot of volunteering for social justice work,” Molly Keady, Coalition meeting organizer, said.

The students involved were eager to take part in service work and had a very positive experience with the work that they did. “It was very interesting to increase our proximity with various populations in MN that we hadn’t experienced or met. It bettered my understanding,” Leo Driessen, Coalition social media manager, said.

Working at River Life Men’s Shelter in North Minneapolis, the Coalition, Dignity, and other individuals and small groups from around the Twin Cities helped provide hot meals to homeless citizens in the area. “There were other volunteers that were there who brought the food, and we brought the treats. So we just served food, talked to people, and then helped clean up afterwards,” Keady said.

Because it is still in the early stages of development, the Coalition tries to make lasting connections with various other social justice groups in the community. With the help of other groups, they hope to raise awareness of not only LGBTQ+ students, but all people in the minority of society. “We want to make sure that we create strong bonds with other volunteer groups … It’s nice to have that sort of strong business connection,” Keady said.

Eager to continue their service work and to advocate for LGTBQ+ students in the Twin Cities area, the LGBTQ+ Catholic Student Coalition is excited to continue strengthening ties with other organizations, and serving their community. The group is not currently holding open meetings; however, if you are interested in keeping up to date on events involving the Coalition, contact the group leaders at [email protected]com.