Marvel comic Jessica Jones becomes Netflix Original Series


Photo Courtesy of Marvel Television

Jessica Jones comic comes to life in a new Netflix Original Series that features strong female characters and deals with sensitive topics.

Released on Netflix, “Jessica Jones” is the newest addition to the trend of transforming comics into TV shows. The show was an instant hit with speculation toward a second season already flooding the internet just days after the show was released. 

Krysten Ritter who plays the titular character delivers a raw performance, perfectly encapsulating the spirit of a broken person trying to correct her mistakes. The show itself deals with issues that other shows are too afraid to deal with: rape, abusive relationships, and the PTSD that can result from the two.

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With intense subject matter, the show sets a heavy tone early on that only escalates as the show progresses. The main character is a survivor of rape and overcame a manipulative relationship. The season follows a woman facing her rapist, and the rape and subsequent results of rape are successfully dealt with without showing the actual rape. Jessica is shown as severely damaged because of the tragedies she suffered. She suffers with PTSD, which drives her to alcohol abuse as an admittedly poor method of coping.

However, Jessica does have a support system. Her friendship with Trish Walker illustrates how I think friendship between two girls should be portrayed in the media. They are supportive of each other and don’t waste time gossiping and talking about boys; they help each other recover from the tragedies in their lives.

Jessica and Trish’s friendship isn’t the only progress made for women in action shows. The show not only has a female lead, it also has well rounded supporting female characters who undergo character development, which is rare for an action show.

Yes, the show is broken up into episodes, but that’s to remind you that eating and sleeping are slightly more necessary than watching the show.”

— Abby Letscher

On top of the progress “Jessica Jones” made, it is also a fast-paced, thrilling show with engaging plotlines. Jessica is a private investigator first and foremost, so the show primarily follows her cases even after the  superpowers are introduced. She only uses her powers when it is necessary, they aren’t used just to show cool powers and action shots.

There are next to no superfluous characters in the show. Everyone is there to serve a purpose to the show, not just to fill time. There are also no filler episodes in “Jessica Jones.

” That is part of the reason the Netflix format works so well for the show. Without the week break that comes with cable shows, the show isn’t limited by an episodic format. Yes, the show is broken up into episodes, but that’s to remind you that eating and sleeping are slightly more necessary than watching the show.

Overall, “Jessica Jones” is a solid 9.5 out of 10. With a fast-paced plot and interesting characters, it is completely worth the roughly 13 hours it takes out of your schedule. The only reason it isn’t 10/10 is because we have to wait for confirmation of season two until after Marvel’s next show “Luke Cage” airs in 2016.