“Mockingjay, Part 2” loses momentum after first movie


Photo Courtesy of Lionsgate

The fourth and final movie in the Hunger Games series heart wrenching

The highly anticipated last installment of the Hunger Games movie franchise, “Mockingjay, Part 2” left audiences satisfied when the end credits rolled. On November 20, fans all around the country flocked to the movie theater to witness the fourth and final movie adaptation of the popular young adult novel. The series, written by Suzanne Collins, became an instant success when the first book was published back in 2008, as did the first movie adaptation in 2012. The film more or less follows the same path as the novel, and includes most of the loyal fans’ favorite scenes.

The movie follows main character Katniss Everdeen as she plans with the rebels to take down oppressive President Snow. Snow is corrupt and requires two children from each of the twelve districts to participate in the Hunger Games, which is a fight to the death. Katniss and her friends team up and begin a dangerous journey to the Capital, where the president lives. Along the way, they encounter deadly surprise “pods,” or traps, hidden around the city by the government. Katniss plans to sneak into the president’s mansion and kill him, but a turn of events thwarts her plan.

“Mockingjay, Part 2” features well done intense action scenes that keep moviegoers on the edge of their seat. Because the plot line has been split into two movies, “Mockingjay” does have a somewhat different feel than the book. By separating the storyline, some of the momentum is lost and takes a while to pull watchers back into the world of Panem.

Jennifer Lawrence, who plays heroine Katniss, perfectly portrays her character’s determination and heartbreak as she faces even more hardships than before. Katniss is an intense and driven character, yet still is likeable due to her sarcasm, heroism, and wholehearted love for her younger sister, Primrose or “Prim.”

Josh Hutcherson also accurately takes on the role of suffering Peeta Mellark, who is struggling to put his memories back together after being tortured by President Snow. Snow is played by Donald Sutherland, who excellently depicts the malicious and corrupt president. The cast overall is superb, and leaves the audience in tears when some of the fan favorite characters tragically die.

Though “Mockingjay, Part 2” has not been as well received by critics as its predecessors, the final installment gives fans what they want: the film delivers with its star studded cast, action packed scenes, and captivating plot, ensuring that the Hunger Games movie franchise will be a classic for years to come.