Fitness plans offered by senior on new website

Harrison Brink uses his own fitness experience to create plans for others.

Harrison Brink uses his own fitness experience to create plans for others.

Every first-time lifter’s greatest fear is the jacked-out-of-his-mind, lifting-more-than-you-weigh guy in the weight room. Nine times out of ten, this guy is BSM senior Harrison Brink. You may wonder: how can I get to be like him? How can have biceps bigger than my head and calves like shoeboxes? Harrison is here to help. He has created a website,, that provides a variety of workouts, as well as a workout plan, for all of you skinny twigs that want to be like him.

Brink started lifting as a freshman in preparation for lacrosse season. Sophomore year, he really kicked his regimen into overdrive, and started to tack on mass. These days, he doesn’t necessarily consider himself a bodybuilder. “I mostly don’t lift for [building muscle] mass, I lift just for lacrosse and to stay fit,” Brink said. Many of his classmates and teammates who have witnessed his hulking presence in the weight room or on the field requested that he provide them with his workout plan. Due to a high demand for these plans, he decided to establish his own website to help all people become physically fit.

Brink’s website is free to users, most of whom are around his age. “People should be able to stay in shape for free,” Brink said. After choosing to “Infiltrate a Life of Fitness,” users can view pictures of Brink lifting. Each picture, when selected, provides workouts for every muscle group. Brink has also designed custom programs, which he coined “HBFit,” which is for an athletic build, and “HBuild,” which is for taking on muscle mass. Both of the programs have alternate options for females that wish to train, as well.

The site is still a work in progress. Brink plans to add video tutorials for each workout, and he has not yet uploaded the “HBuild” program to the website. The sky is the limit for this website: Brink plans to form a weekly newsletter for users, which will include a workout, fitness plan, and words of motivation. He also hopes to be sponsored by a supplement company.

Though making some profit would be nice, he is not in the online fitness game for the cash; Brink thoroughly enjoys working out, and he loved making his site. “My mission is to provide everyone with a path to a healthy lifestyle through workout programs, supplement guides, and nutritional guides. I believe that everyone should live a healthy and fit lifestyle, and would like to help anyone who needs help getting started,” Brink said.