Survey administered to all students about current environment at BSM


Katie Ercolani

Students participated in the survey to give feedback on their opinions about various aspects of the BSM community.

Andrew Plouff, Staff Writer

A national survey was given to all students to evaluate the current environment at BSM.  During the survey, students were asked a variety of questions about BSM, ranging from their opinions on specific academic departments, what they think the school strives to teach on moral values, and many other topics. All responses that were submitted will be used to evaluate the current conditions of BSM.

The overall goal of the survey was to see what can be improved upon to make BSM a better school. “Any high-performing organization continually seeks input to say, ‘How can we get better as a community?’ That’s what these surveys were meant to do,” BSM President Dr. Kevin Gyolai said.

Although the goal of the survey was to improve BSM, it also helps compare the school on a national scale. “Because it is a nationally normed survey, it allows us to compare our data to others school that are similar to us. It’s a good tool to use as a progress report to see how we’re doing,” Gyolai said.

The teachers who administered the surveys see them as a positive way to help both the school and the students. “I think the surveys are a great way to help make the student experience at BSM improve.  Because the data was collected from just about every student, it will be a good way to improve the organization, while also helping our students grow within our community,” theology teacher Matthew Brounstein said.

Overall, the data collected from the surveys will be used to make BSM a better place. “We want to improve the school as much as we can.  As we look over the collective data, we will strive to make any necessary changes so that BSM can be the best school it can possibly be,” Gyolai said.