New James Bond movie less than Spectre-tacular

Spectre lacks the heartbreak of Casino Royale, and the climax from Skyfall, but it will keep viewers entertained for the entire two and a half hours it runs. Although the action scenes are exhilarating and bedroom scenes are steamy, Spectre fails to break away from a slow plot that quickly bores. It’s predictable, cliché, and full of hot women––basically everything expected in a James Bond movie.

In a way Spectre was doomed from the start: after the success of 2012’s highly anticipated Skyfall, it was clear that any sequel would have trouble living up to incredibly high expectations. Spectre picks up where Skyfall left off, with the MI6 headquarters blown up, and a change in its leadership. Bond, played by Daniel Craig, is sent on one final secret mission from the recently deceased M, played by Judi Dench.

I’m a nervous eater, and I had eaten half my popcorn before the trademark action-packed first scene even ended. I involuntarily shoved a handful in my mouth every time someone almost died––so every twenty seconds.”

— Gunnar Lundberg

The mystifying stunts and adrenaline pumping chase scenes had me on edge the entire time. When the movie’s anthem “Writing’s On the Wall” by Sam Smith began, every single jaw in the theater had dropped. The song itself is mediocre, but Smith’s stellar vocals and the amazing visual sequence make it impossible to forget.

The movie then follows a series of plot twists that pleasantly links the three preceding movies’ villains to one worldwide criminal organization, Spectre. Because of this, it’s strongly recommend to see the three previous Craig Bond movies as it will provide more clarity in the plot. The initiative to link all the movies was impressive at first, but it became disappointing when the connections felt forced and unnatural.

At nearly 50 years old, Daniel Craig amazes with a youthful and energetic performance. Since his first Bond movie, Casino Royale, premiering in 2006, Craig has aged very little over the near ten-year span. It would be a shame to end his so far successful portrayal of Bond on a movie as uninspiring and average as Spectre. I hope that both he and director Sam Mendes sign on for one more movie to rally and expand the fan base before they pass off the reigns.

All in all, this movie proves to be a disappointing sequel to Skyfall, but an acceptable addition to the Bond franchise. This fast-paced spy adventure will keep you glued to your seat, but won’t leave you begging for more.