Knightlife visits Screamtown as first event of the year


Gunnar Lundberg

Knightlife leader Abbey Nichols was in attendance at the Scream Town event.

Gunnar Lundberg, Staff Writer

Knightlife, BSMs anti-chemical use club, attended Scream Town for their fall event. Scream Town, which is a series of haunted attractions, was  founded by BSM alum Matt Dunn. The club visited Scream Town on Friday, October 30. “Scream Town is Knightlife’s fall event. It’s a great way to get ready for Halloween and get to know other members better,” said senior and Knightlife President Anna von Kampen.  

The original trip was scheduled for Saturday, October 24, but for the second time in the last three years, the event had to be rescheduled. This year, Knightlife’s planned date coincided with the BSM section final football game.

The bus arrived at Scream Town and students had over two hours to peruse the grounds and visit the various attractions. Because Knightlife members visited the night before Halloween, Scream Town was especially busy, and some lines were over 40 minutes long. “We had a great turnout and everybody said they would love to do this again next year,” said von Kampen.