Page program offers networking and learning opportunities


Sisay Shannon-Tamrat

Social Studies teacher Mr. Ken Pauly is a representative for the House of Representatives page program at BSM.

The House of Representatives Page Program is a one week program open to all high school juniors who want to learn more about government and civics. Mr. Ken Pauly, a social studies teacher and representative for the Page Program at BSM, believes that this program is both educational and helpful to students who are interested in a career in government.

With this program, students will have a chance to spend a week at the Minnesota State Capitol assisting legislatures on the floor, running messages back and forth, and attending educational seminars and hearings. “Students not only have the chance to assist [representatives] in the real life process, but also to take on that role as well during that week,” Pauly said.

The Page Program provides students with the chance to attend committee hearings and educational seminars. It gives students the chance to take the skills they have learned in school and use it in a real life situation. “There is nothing like going down and learning first hand.” Pauly said.

[The program provides a chance] to network with people who are making decisions, like representatives.”

— Mr. Ken Pauly

It’s a weeklong program from Monday through Thursday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm and on Friday from 8:30 am to 12:00 pm. The program is free for students as long as they can provide their own transportation to and from the State Capitol each day, and the participants are given a small allowance to pay for meals. In the last couple of years, no student from BSM has participated in the program, but Mr. Pauly is hopeful for this year.  The application for the program closes on December 4th and selected participants will be notified by the end of December. “A couple of students have picked [up the application], but we have to continue to prompt it within the school,” Pauly said.

Through the Page Program, students have the opportunity to make connections that they would not have been able to otherwise. “[The program provides a chance] to network with people who are making decisions, like representatives. That is something that could certainly assist and help you down the road,” Pauly said.

If you have questions about the House of Representatives page program or would like to fill out an application, contact Mr. Pauly.