Freshman student council officers elected


Elle Ryan

President Jalen Anderson, treasurer Jamison Battle, and vice president Mary Youngblut have recently been elected as freshmen class officers.

James Libbey, Staff Writer

The new freshman student council has recently been elected.  The freshman class officers this year are president Jalen Anderson, vice president Mary Youngblut, secretary Abby O’Neil, and treasurer Jamison Battle.

This year’s election was unusually small.  O’Neil and Battle ran for their positions unopposed, while there were only three freshmen that ran for president (the runner-up for president becomes vice president). “I was kind of surprised; I thought more kids would like to run,” senior high Spanish teacher and freshman class advisor Ms. Katie McDonald said.

The freshman student council has many responsibilities.  In addition to working with the other classes’ student councils on big events such as Homecoming and March Madness, the freshmen traditionally are in charge of the candy-cane grams around Christmas and the dog-fest in April.

McDonald also wants to put emphasis on having the freshmen coming up with ideas of their own in addition to the traditional activities.  “I really want it to be their decisions that are being brought forward; I don’t want to be the one telling them what they should do and shouldn’t do,” McDonald said.

These freshmen on the student council have a good opportunity to spend the next year working with McDonald on events and activities.  “I’m just looking forward to getting to know them a little better and seeing what kinds of thoughts and ideas they have,” McDonald said.