Where can you invest in the fall fashion trends?

Looking for a new spot for these fall fashion and accessories? Here are several trendy local boutiques that are worth checking out!

Katie Sohm, Staff Writer

Primp $

Primp has several locations including in the West End, Excelsior, and Woodbury.

Primp’s catchphrase is Cheap Chic Boutique (nothing is over $100, and almost everything is under $50), and has trendy clothes without the high prices. They sell a variety of styles from trendy to edgy and preppy to bohemian, allowing patrons of all ages to find something that interests them.

Cliché $$

Cliché is located in Uptown at 2403 Lyndale Ave. S., Minneapolis.

Cliché supplies eclectic and unique clothes that are locally designed and works towards always surprising their customers with a wide variety of cutting-edge trends.  Cliché also holds an annual fashion show, as well as both in-store and trunk shows, which is an event where they show off their new merchandise before it is made open to the public.  

Karma $-$$$

Karma is located at 867 Grand Ave. in St. Paul

Karma is a small bohemian-chic store that offers a variety of styles with prices ranging from $12 to $500.  They offer only a select amount of all their items, so when shoppers purchase an item, they know they are finding something unique.