BSM students featured on local radio station


The band of BSM students is gaining attention from the community. (Photo courtesy of Highcroft)

Andrew Plouff, Staff Writer

A BSM student band recently had the unique opportunity to feature on a radio station.  The band, named Highcroft, consists of four BSM seniors: Ana Vigil, Emma Johnston, Adam Eldred, and Alec Lawrenz.  The radio show, 89.3 The Current, held a special episode to commemorate high school bands throughout Minnesota.  Highcroft was one of the few lucky bands who were selected, their original song “Inundated” was played.

Highcroft was formed just over a year ago during the summer of 2014.  “Adam, Ana, and myself had previously been in a band during freshman year. Last summer, the three of us, along with Emma, came up with a ‘new project’ and the rest is history,” Lawrenz said.

When coming up with their band name, the group chose to reflect upon the nature they grew up in. “The name Highcroft implies this kind of pompous upper class ego that we sort of despise. However, it is also ironic because it’s the nature we were born into. It’s basically us acknowledging that we come from it, but we don’t associate ourselves with it,” Lawrenz said.

As they continue on from their radio success, Highcroft plans to continue to write and promote their original music. “We really just plan on rolling with it. We encourage people to support our Facebook page for new updates and to be on the lookout for music from us in the future,” Eldred said.