New mural will hang in Great Hall during Mass


Sisay Shannon-Tamrat

The new mural will make the Great Hall a more sacred space for mass.

James Libbey, Staff Writer

Gathering in the Great Hall on Mass days is one of BSM’s traditions as a Catholic school that every student is aware of. Recently, some have found the Mass to be so important that it deserves a special setting. “The Great Hall doesn’t feel like a sacred space, it feels like it’s convenient, rather than special, for us to have Liturgy there, so we thought it might be nice to have something that made it feel more like a spiritual place,” senior high art teacher Ms. Leah Klister said.

In order to make the Great Hall less like a gym and more like a sacred space of worship, the Liturgy team decided to get a mural to put up in the Great Hall. 

Klister is a part of the Liturgy team that came up with the idea for creating a mural.  The team also includes choir teacher Ms. Nancy Stockhaus, band teacher Mr. Paul Keefe, and campus minister Mr. Mike Jeremiah.

The mural is currently being painted by BSM alum Erin SayerSayer used to teach art at BSM, but about ten years ago she left teaching to become a professional muralist. Sayer now travels around the country painting murals; her current goal is to paint fifty murals in all fifty states. One mural she helped paint is the recently completed Bob Dylan mural in Minneapolis. Sayer also works with the BSM Drama Department, painting sets for plays, which included the recent play, The Wizard of Oz. “It’s really cool that we have an alum coming in painting this for us,” Klister said.

The mural is going to look like a stained glass window and will be hung above the altar. The mural will be put away after Mass so it won’t be damaged outside of Mass during other events taking place in the Great Hall. It will depict the figures of a few saints who continued the works of the founders of BSM. Two of the saints on the mural will be St. Benilde and St. Margaret. The mural is hoped to be unveiled at the Homecoming Liturgy on October 2nd for the entire school to see.