Speech team performs for friends and family at annual showcase


Chase Mouser

Senior Molly Eldevik performed her speech in the chapel in front of the friends and family of the speech team members.

Maddie Karlen, Staff Writer

On Tuesday, March 4, the annual Speech Showcase took place in the evening hours in the Theology and English department rooms of BSM.

Stocked with cookies and refreshments, the Speech Showcase is an occasion for friends and family to come see members of the Speech Team perform the pieces they compete with every Saturday and practice every week.

Although no awards or gifts are given out, speech coach and english teacher Mrs. Maura Brew believes that it is the most rewarding event of the year for the students, especially at this stage of the year when they’ve been performing a lot, working a lot, and their energies are running thin. “It’s a great reward, for the students to be reminded how talented they are and how awesome they are, how phenomenal it is that they get up every Saturday morning at 5:30 a.m. and get on a bus and do this performance all day. It’s an exhausting day. Their reward tonight is the reception from the audience, for friends and family to realize all that hard work they put in and their true talent is really great,” Brew said.

Speech is an activity that many students find a place in, as the activity itself is so versatile. “There are people who like to talk about politics, so there’s a category for that. There are people who like to argue around a discussion table, and there’s a category for that. There are people who like to act and there are several categories for that. There are people who like to write their own creative expression and to perform a piece they’ve written themselves. So there really is something for everybody,” senior captain Jackie Lawyer said. The Speech Team includes 78 members, making it one of the biggest activities at BSM.