First semester parent-teacher conferences held

Annalise LeJeune , Staff Writer

As tradition goes, at the end of the first quarter, the parents and teachers met for first semester parent-teacher conferences, offering a valuable opportunity for parents to receive insight regarding their children.

The night can become quite overwhelming for parents of multiple students, as they have to attempt to fit in meetings for eight different classes for each student. “A majority of parents come to the fall conferences. Most of the teachers are in the Haben, arena style. You have to see who’s open. If you have three or four kids it’s probably a lot to manage,” said senior high principal Mrs. Mary Andersen.

Though the prospect of having a teacher discuss one’s academics to parents can be mildly frightening, the day came with a well-received bright side. On Friday, school was not in session and students received a three-day weekend. This offered a welcome break from the typical schedule, and an opportunity to recharge.