Students audition for fall play, “Sleepy Hollow”

Katherine Sprenger, Staff Writer

Fall sports may be in full swing, but if you ask the theatre aficionados at BSM, practices haven’t even started yet. On Tuesday, September 9, about thirty student thespians were able to audition for the fall play, Sleepy Hollow. With rehearsals starting on Monday, September 15, BSM thespians are eager to start practicing.

Sleepy Hollow will bring suspense and the supernatural to the BSM stage, unlike many of the previous school plays. “The show is about a teacher who wants to marry one of his students to inherit their wealth, and he is haunted by the headless horseman for this,” senior thespian Luke Guidinger said.

Starring Ty Hanson and Jacqui Theisen, the show will run from October 31 until November 2.