American Studies class visits the History Museum

On Tuesday, the American Studies class took a field trip to the Minnesota History Society to experience the 1920s in its actuality. The Great Depression, the Dust Bowl, and Prohibition are all incorporated into the unit the class is currently studying. On the trip they were able to see memorabilia from the time period, especially from the Prohibition, such as advertisements and protest signs. There was even a replication of a speakeasy with a dance floor. “Many students attempted to dance the Charleston using the guides on the dance floor. It was hilarious,” English teacher and chaperone Ms. Anne Marie Dominguez said.

Along with her American Studies co-teacher Ms. Megan Kern, Ms. Dominguez felt that the field trip was a good experience for all of the students, especially as it allowed them to be able to connect what they are learning to real visuals and what life was like then compared to now.