Valentines Couples

seniors Hollie and Cody
seniors Hollie and Cody

Hollie Christensen and Cody Cullen
Knight Errant: When you and Hollie go on dates what is your best choice for a fine dining establishment?
Cody Cullen: Any of the five McDonalds off of highway 55.

KE: How long have you been together?
Hollie Christensen: Too long.
CC: Too long.

KE: How long have you withstood without talking to each other?
CC: Seventeen years.
HC: Seventeen years and two months.

KE: Do you remember the first time you met? Fireworks?
CC: There were no fireworks in the background.
HC: There were noises of bowling pins.
CC: I agree there were bowling pin noises but no fireworks.
KE: I’m just spitballing but did you meet at a bowling alley?
CC: No.
HC: Yes.
CC: I’m pretty sure we were outside.
HC: Where outside?
CC: With fireworks.

KE: How did it feel to take the step of becoming FBO? Describe your thought process?
CC: I was far, far away in Naples Florida, and I just so happen to skype Hollie that night. And then it happened.
KE: Who did it?
CC: Hollie did it.
HC: I didn’t even say anything I just changed it. Then we had to decide what type of relationship, domestic or regular.
CC: My sister was in the background watching Dance Mom’s, it was magical.

KE: How do your parents feel about your relationship?
HC: My parents don’t like him at all.
CC: I got stuck in their snowbank twice, her parents had to shovel me out.
HC: He is very high maintenance.
CC: My dogs like her, that is what matters most.
HC: They liked me so much they peed on me.
CC: True.

KE: Do you play Chess together?
CC: In all honesty, we only play Checkers.
HC: I’m pretty sure we’ve never played Checkers.

KE: What is your favorite thing about him/her?
CC: Eyes.
HC: His dogs, and his nice eyebrows.

KE: If you had to describe your partner as an animal, which animal would you choose?
HC: Clifford the Big Red Dog. He likes Clifford, and he is wearing red right now.
CC: One sec I have to google animals real quick. [a few minutes later] A llama. She spits a lot.

KE: What disney princess and price would you be?
HC: I would be Tarzan.
CC: And I would be Belle.
HC: It’s because Belle likes to read a lot, and he is super bookish.

KE: What’s the weirdest thing you know about the other person?
HC: Cody is really bad at shaving his legs.
CC: She is specifically not a fan of boiled eel.

KE: If you had a hotdog eating contest which of you would win?
HC: I hate hot dogs.
CC: I would win by default from Hollies dislike of hot dogs.

KE: What are your future plans together?
HC: Tomorrow we’re done.
CC: Yes. We’re breaking up tomorrow.

seniors JP and Emma

Jonathan Paquette and Emma Zamec
Knight Errant: You’re getting ready for a date: what song do you blast to get pumped up?
Emma Zamec: Taylor Swift
Jonathan Paquette: Usually Man Of The Year by Schoolboy Q but I’m starting to like country too. But like pop country, not ‘I killed my dog and drank a beer in my truck’ kind of country. I actually love any kind of music really.

KE: How long have you two been together?
EZ: we’ve been friends for a while, but we started hanging out a lot about three months ago.
JP: Yea it all kind of started when we went to Homecoming together, but it’s only been official official for a solid day and a half.
EZ: A day and a half of absolute bliss.

KE: What was your first impression of each other?
JP: We met for the first time at Maddie Moore’s cabin during the summer going into our junior year. And I mean I obviously thought she was pretty attractive when I first saw her.
EZ: We spent a lot of time talking that weekend. I guess I just remember you being really easy to talk to. Oh and I remember we went jet skiing together.
JP: But I’m pretty sure you liked Tift then, so I think you ended up spending most of the weekend with him…
EZ: Oh my god you’re right. But everyone likes Tift at some point, so it wasn’t anything personal.

KE: You’ve planned a picnic in the park: what food do you bring for your date?
JP: Cheese, loads of cheese
EZ: I hate cheese.
JP: I know, I’d probs get her Chipotle
EZ: Oh for sure Chipotle. I know his order by heart.
JP: Oh man, that’s when you know it’s getting serious.

KE: If you had to describe each other with a color, what color would it be and why?
EZ: I’d say red for him because it’s his favorite color.
JP: Actually no, I’m changing my answer to blue. She looks great in blue, and she loves anchors and sailing.
EZ: I don’t actually sail, but I love the idea of sailing. He got me a bracelet with an anchor on it for Christmas actually.
KE: What did Emma get you, JP?
JP: This shirt *points to flannel*. I wear it every Friday for ‘Flannel Friday’. It’s a thing.
EZ: It’s definitely catching on.

KE: What romantic comedy is most like your relationship?
JP: Well on our first date we watched Fifty First Dates.
EZ: Which is about memory loss—so that’s not really us.
JP: The Vow?
EZ: Also about memory loss. What are you trying to say, JP?

KE: Favorite thing about each other?
EZ: Well, his sense of humor because sometimes I get really stressed and then he can always make me laugh. He is the nicest person I have ever met; he is also always there to back me up. And he’s really cute.
JP: She’s always there for me, which is really nice. There is also never a dull moment when we hang out; she’s always up for trying new things. Even if ends up with us embarrassing ourselves—like it usually does.


juniors Mimi and George
juniors Mimi and George

Mimi Burns and George Boosalis
Knight Errant: If you had to describe each other with a color, what color would it be and why?
George Boosalis: I think the best color to describe Mimi is periwinkle. She is outrageous and outgoing. When I think of Mimi I think periwinkle.
Mimi Burns: This is hard….ummm….come back to me.

KE: You’re getting ready for a date, what song do you each listen to?
GB: Well I really like Timber, but I’m gonna have to say Tic Tock, by Kesha. That is my pump song.
MB: I am going to have to go with Turn my Swag Song On. My Swag needs to be present for all dates.
GB: Your swag was what sold me on our first date for sure.

KE: What was your first impression of each other?
GB: One word: obnoxious
MB: I can’t really remember. It was probably something nicer than yours though.

KE: What romantic comedy is most like your relationship
GB: A good rom com? We definitely enjoy rom coms.
MB: My obsession with Pitch Perfect basically started our relationship…I was trying to get him to watch it with me for months.
GB: I didn’t think would like the movie, but it was actually pretty good.

KE: Who would you say is the more dominant one of the two of you?
GB: I am for sure in charge…I set the tone….it is all about me…
MB: That’s a lie. We both know I’m the boss

KE: How did you ask him to Holiday Ball?
MB: He has an obsession with Miley Cyrus and I decorated his room with a poster of Miley that said “do your thang with Mimi at HB”
GB: I messed with her for like 2 hours and just didn’t respond it was kinda funny.
MB: It wasn’t funny.
GB: I still think it was pretty funny.

KE: What is your favorite thing about eachother?
MB: Ohhh his hair is like McDreamy; it’s like Dr. Sheppard. That’s really the only thing I like about him.
GB: Whenever I go her house I can play with all of her cats. She has three cats.
MB: George, you’re allergic to cats.
GB: I know. I actually hate her cats.


junior Kendel and senior Mikey
junior Kendel and senior Mikey

Kendel Malcolm and Mikey Lamb
Knight Errant: So how did you two meet?
Kendel Malcolm: We actually met over Vine
Mikey Lamb: Uh, yeah.

KE: If you would compare your relationship to a celebrity couple, which one would it be and why?
KM: Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez
ML: I like to consider myself like Justin Bieber, with my demeanor and whatnot
KM: And I’m a great singer

KE: What are some challenges of dating between grades?
ML: Our grades sometimes have tension, especially with the girls
KM: Yeah, sometimes I just need to learn my place

KE: Do you have any plans on Valentine’s Day?
KM: I have state for dance
ML: And I have hockey, so we won’t be together.
KM: Yeah, I won’t even be at school.

KE: If Kendel was an animal, which one would she be and why?
ML: [uncomfortably] A deer. It dances when it runs, I don’t know.

KE: Do you like each other’s friends?
KM: [obviously lying] I like them
ML: Besides Mimi, yeah I do.

KE: What’s your favorite thing about each other?
ML: She’s got glass seats for the Wild.
KM: He’s got a great brother. Him and I spend a lot of time together, and we talk a ton. We get really deep.

KE: What’s your least favorite thing about one another?
ML: Ok, this is super soft, but I don’t get to spend enough time with her.
KM: He lives so far away.

KE: Do your parents like him/her?
ML: I think so…
KM: My mom is obsessed with Mikey. I wouldn’t be surprised if she starts texting him soon.

KE: What did you do on your first date?
KM: I threw up.
KE: Was that because of him?
KM: [laughing] No I had the flu, so I wasn’t feeling well. And then driving home, he almost hit a biker with his car.

KE: Scale of 1-10 on the first date:
ML: 7, besides her throwing up and me nearly crashing my car, I thought it was actually pretty fun.

KE: Mikey, I know a lot of people are wondering, what’s it like dating a Knightette?
ML: I do have some experience with the Knightettes, so I’m used to it. It’s great.
KE: Kendel, I know a lot of people are wondering, what’s it like dating an SLP Flyer?
KM: It’s unbelievable, they’re all so hot. It’s a great group of guys.


freshman Claire and Luke

Claire Torgenson and Luke Horton
Knight Errant: When did you guys start dating?
Claire Torgeson: October…..
Luke Horton: It was on October 19th.

KE: What is your favorite part about him?
CT: Are you serious? Do I really have to answer this? um.. he’s funny I guess.
LH: Oh thanks.
CT: Yeah, no problem.

KE: What is your favorite date you’ve gone on?
CT: We don’t go on dates.. we made cookies one time.
LH: Claire that’s so embarrassing don’t share that…

KE: Do your friends like him?
CT: Yeah, of course we’re all friends.
LH: I hope so.

KE: Do your parents?
LH: Yeah, they think she’s super nice.

KE: What it love at first sight?
CT: This is so awkward why am I answering these