Top Online Shopping Sites

$: Least Expensive, $$: Mid Range, $$$: Pretty Expensive, $$$$: I can’t even/Couture


Brandy Melville is one online shop out of many that is filled with many inexpensive and cute clothes.

ASOS: $$
ASOS is the UK’s largest online-only fashion store. It’s intended customer population are men and women ages 18-35 years old. ASOS sells brand clothing as well as a collection of their own classic, timeless pieces. With a seemingly endless selection, the perfect outfit for any occasion is guaranteed. The virtual sorter makes browsing easy by narrowing results by color, size, price range, and occasion. Plus, shipping and returns are free to the US.

Modcloth: $$
Headquartered in San Francisco, Modcloth is an American online store. They specialize in vintage and vintage-inspired fashion and decor. The website is easy to navigate and offers tips on styling and advice on how to wear vintage pieces flawlessly. The selection changes with the seasons, making it convenient to shop no matter what time of the year it is.

Urban Outfitters: $$
Urban Outfitter’s website has an even larger selection of items than in-store. Check out their blog (linked through the website) to be inspired and advised. With a focus on “funky” clothes and household items, classicness and timelessness isn’t on their to-do list. Urban Outfitters prides themselves in carrying unique and quirky items.

Topshop: $$$
Topshop is a British multinational retailer. They sell clothing, accessories, and makeup. Both classic and trendy pieces can be purchased from Topshop. Although many of the items on this website are on the pricey side, there are always sales and special deals happening. Shop here for a European-inspired look.

CottonOn: $
CottonOn is an Australian retail chain. Specializing in cotton clothing, most of what they carry is soft, 100% cotton. Shop here for casual sweaters, denim, and graphic t-shirts. Other than clothing, CottonOn sells cultural home decor from all over the world. Prices are very reasonable, and there is always a large sale selection.

Brandy Melville: $$
Brandy Melville sells beach-inspired clothing. They practice a one-size-fits-all theory, which means everything on the website is offered in only one size. Measurements are given for each clothing item. Most of their merchandise is made of flexible, soft, stretchy material. Shop here for a relaxed look and quirky jewelry.

Zara: $$$
Zara is a Spanish retailer. Most of their fashion merchandise offers a European edge. Classic and high fashion pieces are sold here. The shoe selection is impressive as well. It is said that Zara only needs two weeks to develop, design, and ship a new product to stores (compared to the fashion industry’s 6 month average). Instead of using money to advertise, Zara is continually opening new stores. Shop here for a sophisticated, fashion-forward look.

UrbanOg: $$
UrbanOg sells trendy clothing geared towards young women. It’s relatively inexpensive and there are many deals offered daily. UrbanOg is like an upscale Forever 21 inspired by Urban Outfitters and Brandy Melville. Shop here for bold trendy clothing and sunglasses.