St. Louis Park Lifetime faces major changes


Carter Paine

Current SLP Lifetime members get the advantages of the new Athletic club with the old price.

The Lifetime Fitness in Saint Louis Park, frequented by many BSM students will be upgrading from a Fitness Club to an Athletic Club, creating new services and amenities for members, as well as raising the cost of membership, despite the probable drop in new card-holders.

As of October 1, when the facility officially transitions to an Athletic Club, Lifetime will offer a more luxurious, hotel-like experience, an 800-space parking garage, and new services in the locker rooms and gyms will be provided by the staff. “Its like staying in a hotel-like staying at a Marriott,” Terry Sutherland, Manager of St. Louis Park Lifetime facility, said.

In raising the monthly cost of membership, a decrease in new members is expected. However, Lifetime Fitness Company found luxury to be a higher priority. “We felt that in this current market that we’re in that it was important for service and amenities, and people in this market would expect it,” Sutherland said.

In attempt to sustain the facility’s current loyal members, the drastic change in price will only affect incoming members. Current members will not see a change in their payments. “It’s great that I can take advantage of the new features in the club without having to pay for it,” said sophomore Frankie Gormley.

Although the completion of the renovation process may take a couple of months, members can expect their Lifetime experience to improve tremendously as soon as the next month. And with all of the new luxuries being added to the facility, working out will no longer be at the bottom of everyone’s to-do lists.