Freshman hear presentation from Step Up program

Aidan O'Driscoll, Staff Writer

One October 3, a group of speakers from the Step Up Program came to speak with the freshman class at BSM about drug and alcohol abuse. Step Up, located at Augsburg College, promotes a substance free lifestyle as well as students’ success in the classroom. The success of the program can be seen through the slim margin of annual relapses, as only 6% of the 84 participants relapse per year. “Typically between 8 to 10 percent of population becomes addicted and once you’re addicted it’s hard to come back from it. That’s why we want to have the kids see what addiction can do to you,” guidance counselor, Dr. Jeff Steffenson said.

The speakers addressed their personal issues with drugs and alcohol including heroin, marijuana and oxycontin. “Prior to this I never knew how dramatically situations like this can change someone’s life,” freshman Cora Wyvell said.