Senior participate in final class retreat

Grace Moran, Staff Writer

This past weekend, 131 seniors attended their final retreat at Camp Ihduhapi in Loretto, MN, where they reflected on their past years at BSM.

The seniors attended their first retreat of the year in November, where their theme was a return to childhood. “We talk about the importance of keeping in terms with our childhood and the importance of that, especially when life is stressful in the senior’s life. It brings them up to where they are,” Campus Minister Mr. Mike Jeremiah said.

Led Mr. Jeremiah, the seniors were given a retreat journal with questions, prayers, and reflections to have as a keepsake after their last retreat.

The senior’s last retreat focused more on the future instead of the past. Throughout the weekend they reflected on what their future will be, while bonding with classmates at their final retreat. “Many thought that going on this retreat would make it easier to move on, but now they have found that it is even harder. They have made that connection with each other and it is hard to move on,” said Mr. Jeremiah.