Successful dance team deserves more fans

Grace Moran, Staff Writer

The BSM Knightette’s Dance Team has been a consistent competitor at MSHSL AA State Dance Team competition for sixteen years, collecting six state championships, two consecutive, in the jazz-funk category. This year members of the dance team can only excuse two students to cheer on varsity jazz at State, and this is an unfair policy for the team.

When some sports teams make it to State, school is often dismissed early or cancelled so the student body can cheer on their classmates. It would only be fair to dismiss school early for the dance team, since it has been cancelled for other teams in the past. The dance team has proven to be a strong competitor, and the school should recognize their accomplishments.

At the same time, many now cannot attend the tournament. Not only do dance team members have to choose between friends, but there are other students who want to attend and now may not get the chance to. Some students are big dance team fans but aren’t close enough friends with the dance team members to be excused. The policy even disappoints many teachers, who wish they could attend the state tournament but are unable because school is in session.

Although the attendees of state will no doubt be exceptional, it would mean a lot for the school to come support the dance team. Not only would the larger crowd be beneficial for the dancers but also will showcase BSM’s commitment and school spirit. The more people cheering makes performing the dance easier and more fun. There is no better feeling than looking up after the dance to see students supporting and cheering you to a victory.