Freshman skier places third in nordic meet

Aidan O'Driscoll, Staff Writer

In their first competitive meet of the year for BSM’s Nordic team, the girls raced composed and determined, while the boys lacked a finishing touch.

Freshman Amanda Kautzer took third place overall in the girls’ meet with a time of 24:30, only to be beaten by two seniors from St. Louis Park. Sophomore Sabrina Tattersfield finished with a time of 26:00 in the girls’ race rounding off the top ten. “I was roller skiing a lot to train, so I was ready to ski, but many people weren’t ready for the snow, so I was teaching them before the race.” Kautzer said.

On the boys’ side, BSM’s highest finisher, junior Andy Renier, finished with a time of 21:31 taking 13th overall in the boys’ race.