New York City Ballet returns to Minneapolis

Jaqueline Bieter, Staff Writer

On October 23, the New York City Ballet returned to the Orpheum Theatre to perform an exciting repertoire of neoclassical pieces after being absent from the Minneapolis performing arts scene for 28 years. Minnesota’s Northrop Dance Presents sponsored the performance and there was a definite excitement that filled the auditorium for the premiere of Moves in Minnesota.

New York City Ballet Moves rotates different principals, soloists, demi-soloists, and corps de ballet members who dance to live music often produced by the traveling NYCB Orchestra. Even though the ballet incorporates all levels of dancers from the corps de ballet, to the lead principals, the quality of dancing is always superb.

The costumes are simple, consisting of a colored leotard and pink tights focusing more on the artistry of the choreography and the emotion of the dancers.

The program presented five ballets, including “Polyphonia,” “Duo Concertant,” “Herman Schmerman Pas de Duex,” “Zakouski,” and “Hallelujah Junction”.

The opening piece “Polyphonia” choreographed by Christopher Wheeldon is a quick, intricate dance with large, extenuating movements set to ten unique live piano pieces. Stravinsky’s “Duo Concertant” has live piano and violin music which features two dancers mirroring the music with their movements. “Herman Schmerman” is an intense piece choreographed by William Forsythe for the New York City Ballet, and the popular “Zakouski” features a composition of Russian music.

The final performance of the night was “Hallelujah Junction,” a piece choreographed by the main Ballet Master in Chief of the company, Peter Martins, and it strongly showcased the iconic style and strength of New York City Ballet.

A evident favorite of the crowd was definitely “Duo Concertant,” choreographed by George Balanchine, which was performed by principal dancer Megan Fairchild and soloist Chase Finlay. The movement of the piece was very poetic and showcased the difficult technique that fit well with the live music.

The innovative choreography, beautifully crafted music, and impeccably skilled dancers in the program highlighted all of the amazing features New York City Ballet has to offer.