Students relieve stress with meditation wellness class


Chris Bell

Students flock to the meditation wellness course in order to relieve stress and focus their energy during the school day.

Eric Wagner, Staff Writer

For thousands of years, meditation has kept people balanced physically, mentally, and emotionally, and after adding meditation as a BSM wellness course, students have been able to participate in the practice as a means of stress relief during the school year. Because of this meditation evolved into the most sought-after wellness class offered Benilde-St. Margaret’s over this past year.

Wellness coordinator Ms. Connie Fourré included meditation in the Wellness program after she experienced success in using meditation to cope with personal anxiety. “Meditation has absolutely changed my life for the better. It has made me calmer, gentler, and a more wise human being,” Ms. Fourre said.

One of her most profound experiences took place at Notre Dame cathedral in Paris. “I felt the the presence of God all around me. Without this moment, I wouldn’t truly believe in the power of meditating,” Ms. Fourre said.

BSM students who attend meditation enjoy going to relax in the coziness of the basement and listening to instantly calming harmonious music. “In all seriousness its nice to have a designated time where I don’t have to worry school. I can just have time to relax and daydream about Taylor Swift,” junior Colin Polarek said.

In most wellness activities, students get riled up and sweaty, but during meditation, students tend to relax and focus on calming down. Because of this Mrs. Fourre would like to turn the chapel into a place where students can meditate on their own time.“It’s a great way to clear your mind from schoolwork for a little bit and relieve your stress,” junior Andrea Luse said.