Hannah Morin


Megan Meskill, Senior Staff Writer

When friends and classmates think of Hannah Morin, they think about her bubbly, outgoing, and generous personality. Not only did she win “Best Laugh” in this year’s senior yearbook polls, but she has remained consistently ac- tive within the BSM community and has taken advantage of everything the school has to offer, including its various annual service trips. During her six years as a Red Knight, she has impacted the lives of many, whether they are a stu- dent at BSM or from a foreign country.

After her dad and siblings attended BSM, Hannah was destined to join the Red Knight community. Dur- ing her time at BSM, Morin has been involved in many clubs, sports, and activities including RKVC, Link Crew, Knightlife, basketball, tennis, and ping pong. “I really like to be involved with a lot of things and meet new people so I decided to sign up and try a little bit of everything,” said Morin.

Hannah also plays a great role in helping plan the BSM mission trips to Guatemala and the Dominican Republic with Ms. Guzman. Her first trip to Guatemala was in eighth grade with her mom and two sisters; she has now traveled there three times. Her first trip to the Dominican Republic was last summer with BSM, and she plans on going back again this summer. “I would not be the same person I am now if I hadn’t gone to Guat in eighth grade; it has changed what I want to do with my life,” said Morin.

Over the years, through visits and letters, Hannah has built strong relationships with the kids in Guatemala and the Dominican Republic. She loves spending time with the kids and becoming a significant part of their lives, like they are in hers. Her trips have really taught her that there is so much more going on in the world than what she is normally surrounded by. “Each time I come back from these trips I try to live a life of simplicity; there are so many other things going on in the world that we should be aware of,” said Morin.

Family is also very important to Hannah, who is the youngest of two sisters and one brother. Her family members have really impacted her life; however, her older sister has had the biggest impact in her life. Hannah and her older sister have a lot in common when it comes to hard work and volunteering. “I really admire how much she does to impact other people’s lives and making their lives better,” said Morin.

Another woman who has greatly influenced Hannah’s life is Ms. Lidi Guzman. Hannah has known Ms. Guzman for years, and through the school mission trips, the two have grown very close. “She has taught me there’s always a way to make things happen; how willing she is to help others and the way she’s so humble about everything inspires and amazes me,” said Morin.

Next year, Hannah will be attending Creighton Uni- versity in Omaha, Nebraska where she will study occupational therapy. Her biggest dream is to be able to travel freely to third-world countries and teach English and prac- tice occupational therapy. “I would love to go down to a third-world country to fulfill my clinical year as an occupational therapist. My dream is to help communities through my job,” said Morin.

Hannah Morin is one of the nicest, outgoing people in the senior class, and through her willingness to stand up for others, no matter who they are, inspires her close friends. “If someone says anything bad about some- one regardless if she knows them or not, she’ll defend them,” said senior Anna Slayton.