Aly Hoffman


Maddy Kennedy, Fashion Editor

As an involved varsity athlete, winner of the 2012 Athena Award, and designated “most athletic female” of the senior class, it’s safe to say that sports have played a major role in Aly Hoffman’s years at BSM. In addition to being a soccer, hockey, and track superstar, Hoffman still finds time to have fun with her family and watch her favor- ite Disney movies.

During her four years at BSM, Aly has carried on her passion for sports, participating in soccer, hockey, and track every year, in addition to playing for teams outside of BSM. “I’ve played soccer year round through King’s Football Club and the Wayzata team for a long time,” said Hoffman, who plays on these teams with fellow Red Knight seniors, Peggy Renier and Mikayla Coulumbe. “It’s been a really great experience, and even though it is a big commitment, I would never give it up for the world,” said Hoffman.

Aly’s passion for soccer and all other sports is not only seen through her participation, but in her incredibly sup- portive and sport oriented family. “If someone were to ask, ‘What are the Hoffmans? What’s their passion?’ Sports!” said Hoffman. With a younger sister who also plays sports year round, the Hoffmans are always very busy, and vaca- tions are usually spontaneous and sports-related. Through- out the years, the Hoffmans have traveled everywhere from Omaha to California, including a trip to New Orleans for the Junior Olympics in 2006. “I participated in a few track events and got to see the city. We got out of there about a month before Katrina hit,” said Hoffman.

When the Hoffmans are not traveling the country or running to practice, they try to spend time together as a family. “When we have spare time, we watch ‘Wheel of Fortune’ together, and it’s kind of become a competition. My mom usually wins, but I’m pretty good too,” said Hoffman. The busy family also organizes their lives with a large, color-coded master calendar, which includes times for family dinners. “We’re all really busy, but we try and eat together at least three times a week,” said Hoffman.

After deciding on a college only three hours before the national decision deadline, Aly chose the College of St. Benedict. “In the end, it came down to whether or not I wanted to play a D1 sport at DePaul or two D3 sports at St. Ben’s,” said Hoffman. In addition to playing soccer and hockey during her college years, Aly plans to study business and political science with a concentration in pre-law. She also plans to travel, and eventually accomplish her goal of traveling to all seven conti- nents.

Although she may seem tough and competitive on the field, Aly confesses to being a secret girly-girl. “People wouldn’t think I’d be into fashion because I’m so athletic, but I love to get dressed up,” said Hoffman. In addition to her secret passion for pink, Hoffman boasts an expansive collection of Disney movies, most of which are on VHS. “I like Disney because it reminds me of my childhood, and I still watch the movies today,” said Hoffman.

Throughout her years in sports, Aly has been in- spired by many people, but her biggest inspiration has been those women before her who were not able to play sports. “Title IX is only forty years old, and be- fore that girls weren’t allowed to play high school sports, and I play for them because they weren’t able to pursue the opportunities I’ve had,” said Hoffman. Aly has enjoyed her time at BSM and advises future students to embrace their time here. “Get involved, be yourself, make new friends, and do what you’re passionate about,” said Hoffman.