Why I participate in the Day of Silence

Why I participate in the Day of Silence

Emma and her friends didn’t speak today in order to “speak up” for the LGBT community.

Emma Peterson, Staff Writer

For the LGBT community, today is the day of silence. This means that for the entire school or work day, no words will pass the lips of those who choose to support the LGBT community. Today, we stand up for those who didn’t have the chance.

Though some people last year who participated are not participating this year in the respects that silence favors the bully, I’ve found that it doesn’t represent just that. It represents the pain and hurt the LGBT community feels each day when they are suppressed and bullied to the point of silence.

I am silenced today because the silence represents the fear people feel to “come out” and express truly who they are; not only that, but it represents the fake smiles and internal hurt they face each day. As my friends pass me in the hallway or I’m greeted by a teacher, I simply wave and smile.

The day of silence doesn’t seem to have much of an effect at Benilde St. Margaret’s simply because it isn’t being talked about––literally. The intention is still there, and for those who are doing this, there is still a sense of satisfaction in remembering those who were silenced over the past years from bullying, and even suicides.