Letter to the Editor: The Red Knight Spirit

Dear Benilde-St. Margaret’s Student Body,

Selecting a high school is many times about what AP courses are offered and what colleges one can likely gain admission to. Without a doubt, Benilde-St. Margaret’s lives up to its reputation as one of the best college prep schools in Minnesota, if not the nation.

Last fall, I watched as the student body stood up for what they believed in when a difference of opinion transpired between the students and the administration regarding the Catholic Church’s stance on gay marriage and the subsequent Knight Errant articles and commentary. Your opinions were well thought out, your discussions respectful and your stories poignant. It was clear that BSM was nurturing a safe environment where individuals could have these conversations. Furthermore, the level of analysis and articulate dialog provided a snapshot of the unparalleled education Benilde offers.

However, what sets BSM apart from other great college prep schools is the Red Knight Spirit. In no way do I seek to take away from the incredible work the faculty and staff have shown through their dedication year after year. It is because of these individuals, not in-spite of them, that the Red Knight Spirit has been fostered and thrives today. To be a Red Knight means more than wearing red and white in the stands and cheering your peers on to a championship victory or earning the acceptance letter to the university of your choice. Being a Red Knight means exemplifying Catholic Social Teachings and the Christian Spirit.

I have watched in awe over the last week as the Red Knight community rallied around one of their own in a time of tragedy. Stories like Jack Jablonski’s all too often result in a 30 second story on the local news for one day. The fact that Jack is still the lead story on all the local stations and has been picked up nationally speaks volumes. It is because of you, the current BSM student body, that the national support and attention has remained on Jack. Your enthusiasm, innovative ideas and overwhelming show of solidarity is more inspirational than I can possibly articulate.

In seven days, social media sites have exploded with pictures of “Jabs,” well wishes, white outs and the #13. You have all exhibited a maturity beyond your years, an understanding of the importance support will mean to Jack, dignity in the face of tragedy and a quiet grace when questioning your faith seems so much easier. Your positive displays of overwhelming support have moved others to action, captivating the attention of the media and the nation. You are directly responsible for the attention Jack has received. I can only imagine how deeply that love and the strength of the community will sustain Jack and his family through the journey ahead.

Time and time again, you have exemplified the Red Knight Spirit and engaged a larger community in discussion. It is clear through your actions that you are Red Knights – mature, contentious and socially responsible young adults who inspire and affect change. You have reminded me, yet again, what it means to be a Red Knight and I have never been more proud to wear that badge of honor than this week.

Your fellow Red Knight,

Katie Kramer

Class of 2002