Date of Jablonski pond hockey tournament changed

Rooscol Rozambert, Staff Writer

The pond hockey tournament held in honor of sophomore Jack Jablonski has undergone a change from its original date in order to maximize safety and take advantage of new auction donations and improved rink accommodations. The “Jack Jablonski Junior Bronze Pond Hockey Tournament” will now be held on January 22, but will be held at the original location of Excelsior Bay on Lake Minnetonka.

“We changed the date because of the ice conditions that we thought would be unsafe, as well as we were presented with the opportunity to take advantage of an amazing infrastructure, that is now going to be available for us to use. We will now have room for a substantial more amount of people, and this way we could raise more money and take on sponsors,” said co-host Mario Zattoni.

Jake Szarzynski, Mario Zattoni, and Arthur Boyle, the trio of juniors running the event, have worked to contact some high profile teams, restaurants, and hockey legends. “Donations are incredible. The Vikings have donated signed jerseys, balls, pictures and have agreed to do more. The Twins and Wild have also contributed, and I’ll be picking up those donations later this week. People have been donating everything from gift cards to diamond earrings. We also are trying to get the 1980 Minnesota North Stars to attend,” said Zattoni.

The support of people from across the state and country is reflected by the 1,196 people “attending” the Facebook evening as of Tuesday evening. With a silent auction and food provided, the venue had to be big enough to entertain and accommodate this projected number. “We have a venue that can have around 15,000 people in it. This is definitely worth it. Being able to have fun and raising money for a good cause is a great combination.” said co-host Jake Szarzynski.

The proceeds from the admissions and silent auctions will be going to the Jack Jablonski fund. If you are interested in donating or looking for a place to bring donations for the tournament, please contact Benilde-St. Margaret’s main office or bring donations into the front desk.