Scorsese Has “Hugo” Success

Scorsese Has Hugo Success

Our protagonist gave his own film 10/10 stars. So did we.

Emily Kline, Staff Writer

Families looking for a feel-good flick this holiday season need look no further. “Hugo,” the latest effort of legendary director Martin Scorcese, weaves together talented acting with breathtaking 3D visuals to create a tale that both compels and delights.

Based on “The Invention of Hugo Cabret,” a best-selling book comprised of both text and illustrations, “Hugo” tells the story of the titular character (Asa Butterfield) living in a Parisian railway station in the 1930’s, fixing clocks and escaping capture by the bumbling station inspector (Sacha Baron Cohen). Hugo’s one joy lies in working on his father’s final project: the repair of a mysterious wind-up man with a connection to Isabelle (Chloë Grace Moretz), the daughter of a toymaker (Ben Kingsley).

“Hugo’s” acting talent, particularly its young stars, breathe life into the characters to make each of them well-rounded. Asa Butterfield embodies Hugo’s inner loneliness perfectly and gives a performance to rival any adult actor. The well-known Ben Kingsley inspires compassion as an unhappy old man with an incredible past, and even Sacha Baron Cohen plays his part hilariously while maintaining a sympathetic side.

Complimenting the engaging story, Scorcese’s directing serves as an excellent backdrop to the action, giving a magical feel to the clocks of the train station and the twists and turns through its hidden passageways. The movie also features impressive 3D effects, such as chase scenes and visuals of machinery that absorbs the audience in the action without being distracting.

“Hugo’s” main flaw concerns its length; at over two hours, the slow pace can wear on a viewer’s patience, especially a young child’s. The pacing makes for a heartwarming finale reminiscent of classic family films, but it does require a considerable amount of set-up that some may find tiring.

With its creative premise and top-notch execution, “Hugo” stands as one of this Christmas season’s best films, giving children a fun time and adults an uplifting taste of being a kid again.