RKVC volunteers at Creativity Fest

Megan Meskill, Staff Writer

With 22 RKVC volunteers missing a total of two days of school, the annual Creativity Fest took place once again at the Minnesota Science Museum. Sponsored by Success Beyond the Classroom, this event offers elementary school students from the Minneapolis and St. Paul area the opportunity to develop their creative thinking by participating in activities and listening to various presentations.

Six years ago, Ms. Kathy Jacobson’s sister-in-law brought the event to the attention of RKVC, and at that time, the creativity fest was for seniors only. However this year students of all grades were allowed to volunteer. “[It] used to be one of the most popular events, but now kids are afraid to miss school becuase of what teachers will do, or missing notes, or whatever,” said RKVC leader Mr. Zachary Zeckser.

The middle school attendees participate in three 55-minute sessions presented by professionals from the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math. The sessions can be about any subject; some examples are photography, dance, and drumming. “I helped out in a room that was all about poetry, and it was really cool because all of the kids were writing their own poems. Most of them were silly, but every once in a while there were some really thoughtful, deep poems,” said sophomore Sierra Twesten.

This year the Creativity Fest was held on November 29, 30, and December 1, 2. RKVC members volunteered on the event’s two busiest days­—the 29th and the 1st. “The museum wasn’t super chaotic, but it was hard [to keep track of the kids] when everyone was switching rooms at once. It was really awesome to see all of the kids because they were so excited about being creative,” said Twesten.