Lucia’s Offers Organic Fare at Fair Prices

Lucias Offers Organic Fare at Fair Prices

Located in uptown Minneapolis, Lucia offers its customers a simple, modern atmosphere.

Emily Kline, Staff Writer

Nestled in a side street of uptown Minneapolis, Lucia’s consistently offers delectable dishes while maintaining its 26 year tradition of utilizing organic foods from local farmers. Led by head chef and owner Lucia Watson, this combination restaurant, wine bar, dog bar, and bakery leaves customers delighted with its healthy and unique choices.

Lucia’s atmosphere couldn’t be simpler; the plain, ungarnished walls and sparse furniture, spruced up by a single sunflower on each table recreate the natural feel of a farmhouse. The restaurant lulls customers into comfort with this non-threatening atmosphere, letting the food shine without distraction.

Offering lunch and dinner with brunch on weekends, Lucia’s menu features four entrees that change weekly as produce becomes available. While this fluctuation has the potential to scare off customers, Lucia’s never fails to serve top-notch dishes, always featuring something for everyone.

During the week of November 8, roasted chicken and vegetables in a curry sauce worked cohesively as a heartily delicious meal, with the meat saturated with succulent flavors from a zesty pickled cranberry sauce. The Thai-inspired soup of the day, a squash and carrot purée, proved strangely both sweet and savory, prompting bite after zealous bite.

While restaurant brunches often feature bland buffets, Lucia’s diverse selection of fritatas, salads, and omelettes—as well as an amazing french toast taking taste buds to the brink of sweetness with a sudden raisin tang—doesn’t fail to delight the weekend crowd.

Lucia’s desserts may be both the most bizarre and delicious creations the restaurant has to offer, such as molasses-pomegranate ice cream. A pie combining sweet potato and pecans with a decadent crust once more proves a vegetable delicious in unexpected ways, and walks the perfect line between sweet and smoky-tasting while providing a solid close to the meal overall.

Providing a menu that’s healthy, eco-friendly, and delicious, Lucia’s continues to reinvent itself in new ways week by week, yet always remains one of Uptown’s best restaurants.