Knightlife expects dedication from its members

Megan Meskill, Staff Writer

With newly organized policies and rules, the 2011 Knightlife brings together those who want to promote and live healthy, drug-free lifestyles. To help engage and lead the 100 members, seniors Sarah Silvestri, Mikayla Coulombe, and Jordan Dritz were chosen as club presidents for this year. Each girl exhibits both leadership skills as well as an ability to be positive role models and promote sobriety.

Previously, students simply signed a contract to remain drug and alcohol free throughout the year, but this year the process became much more exclusive. Those interested in joining were required to fill out an application and submit it for review by Dr. Steffenson. Based on the application as well as Mr. Steffenson’s knowledge, students were admitted or denied. “We wanted a serious commitment from the group to participate in the monthly activities,” said Silvestri.

Instead of simply putting on activities as a large group, this year Knightlife members have been divided into six teams, and each month one team is in charge of planning three activities to promote the vision of Knightlife. Examples include bringing in a speaker, showing movies, or doing a drug and alcohol panel. “The groups can do anything that will promote sobriety around school,” said Silvestri.

With the goal of promoting sobriety and teaching high school students—regardless of their grade—how to say “no” in situations of peer pressure Knightlife is excited to get the year of teaching awareness started. “Knightlife is an group based around having fun. It’s the most unique club at school, and we have many fun activities planned this year,” said Silvestri.