Colleen Little


Shannon Cron, staff writer

Having transferred to BSM after her sophomore year, senior Colleen Little’s presence in the Red Knight community has undeniably left an impression on those around her. Little’s unwavering faith, quirky personality, and sincere passion for everything she does, make her truly tremendous.

Originally from Oregon, Little initially felt angry about the change she faced going into her junior year. “I didn’t want to move at all, and as scared as I was, the transition was actually super smooth,” said Little. “As cliche as it sounds, people we really nice and went out of their way to talk to me. The friendships that I’ve made are very strong––the people here are solid.”

Little said although she found herself intimidated at the beginning of tryouts, playing soccer gave her the opportunity to branch out and meet a variety of people––even though she wasn’t properly dressed. “I remember my first day of try outs I showed up and I was the only one wearing blue shorts,” said Little. “I was like, really? I would make that mistake!”

Little said her faith kept her strong throughout the moving process, and it continues to be an influential part in her life. “When my dad told me we were moving it was hard to swallow,” said Little. “But in the end, my faith helped me to trust there was a reason, and helped me grow in my faith. For me, it’s important that my faith keeps on growing and getting stronger.”

With her Dad’s work as a pastor, Little grew up involved in a faith-based community. Though religion seemed to be a routine part of her life, Little realized how important a strong faith was during her 7th grade year. “Its a part of everyday life and part of everything I do,” said Little. “That’s what faith is to me.”

Little most closely identifies her faith with the Baptist church, but follows her Dad’s philosophy: “We don’t need to define it. We just have a relationship with God. I think that my faith really effects my actions,” said Little.

Little finds her own balance of personal faith and community through her every day actions and her church’s youth group activities. “We meet on Sundays and Wednesday nights––usually outside,” said Little. “Sometimes its weird for my friends to hear that I’ll miss soccer or leave sleepovers early to go to church, but it’s just something that’s really important to me.”

Little’s choice to attend Trinity Western University in Canada next year was based off of the strong faith on campus, along with the location and liberal arts learning style. “Though it’s going to be hard to be far away from my family and friends, I love the west coast,” said Little. “It’s a small liberal arts with small class sizes, my cousin studies there, and its a Christian school. Plus, I love Canada.”

Little’s involvement with Invisible Children and Washington DC’s March for Life last January lead her to discover a passion for non-profit work––something she wants to pursue in and after college. “You always want to do a job that you are passionate about, so why not do something that really affects people who need it?” said Little. “I mean, there was so much waiting for me in Minnesota, I can’t imagine what’s happening in the rest of the world. It’s great to get involved in something so much greater than yourself.”