Dedicated Spanish teacher retires after 32 years of teaching


After 32 years of teaching, Mrs. Laporta-Orange concludes her long legacy this year.

Katie Karlen, staff writer

Spending over three decades devoting her time and talents to the BSM community, Mrs. Alicia Laporta-Orange, a member of the world language staff for 32 years, is retiring at the end of this school year.

Over 30 years ago, more than chance led Mrs. Laporta-Orange to BSM. “I was referred to BSM by the consultant for foreign languages for the Minneapolis Public Schools,” said Mrs. Laporta-Orange. “I started teaching here in 1979…I was 28 years old, so this was my first full time job after graduating from the University of Minnesota.”

Although a Spanish teacher from the start, she hasn’t always taught Español Hablantes, Level 4, and AP Spanish. “I started teaching the lower levels because there were other teachers with more experience teaching the higher levels,” Mrs. Laporta-Orange said.

To Mrs. Laporta-Orange, the Spanish language is not the only valuable information taught in Spanish class. “It is important to share information about my culture [and] educate students to become citizens that create, innovate and serve the world,” said Mrs. Laporta-Orange.

The past three decades of teaching have given Mrs. Laporta-Orange knowledge which she wishes someone would have shared with her before she began teaching. “My advice to younger teachers is to have high expectations for their students––I believe that the students will meet those expectations––and to challenge themselves to be up to date on current issues pertaining to their field,” Mrs. Laporta-Orange said.

While her past and present revolves around BSM, Mrs. Laporta-Orange intends to see more of the world in the future. “I am planning to spend six months in Perú and six months here,” said Mrs. Laporta-Orange. “I would like to travel around the world [to] Brazil, Turkey, and the Netherlands.”

After 32 years of teaching at BSM, Mrs. Laporta-Orange concludes her long legacy this year. While she is excited about her future, she is also sad to move on. “It will be tough to leave,” said Mrs. Laporta-Orange, “I’ve been here for so long it will be hard to let go.”