Taylor Swift: overrated and boy crazy

Nicole Friend, staff writer

Every time one of her songs comes on the the radio I cringe, get a little sick to my stomach, and proceed to quickly change the station. Taylor Swift’s singing and guitar playing are on my list of “things I refuse to listen to.”

Most people think the country star is talented and gifted, but if you ask me, the only gift she has is making each of her songs sound exactly the same. Every song is either the same guitar over and over again or soft piano playing in the background of her overly dramatic and pathetic lyrics.

For being 20 years old, Taylor Swift has had plenty of experience with love––at least according to her songs. Almost every one of them is about a boy and how he has somehow done her wrong. Either she has had numerous boyfriends, or she’s overly sensitive; either way I’d rather not listen to three straight minuetes of complaining.

Maybe Swift is the reason for these boys leaving her, maybe she has all of her fans fooled and she makes mistakes too. These boyfriends aren’t mean and leaving for no reason but Swift conveniently leaves out the whole story.

Blinded by the sparkles on her dress, it’s hard to see her curly hair and innocent image but listening to the lyrics you’d assume she was. All of her fans pity her because of these numerous heart breaks she has gone through and feel the need to cheer her up by buying her music and help her make millions. I believe all of her scenarios are written by professionals, performed by her, and turned into a paycheck.

If Taylor Swift ever decides to make songs that I’ll be able to tell the difference from, sing about something other than boys, and change her image I’ll consider becoming a fan.