Shannon Cron, photographer

Crowned Mr. BSM 2011, senior Nate Muckley––along with the other four contestants––made the event a night to remember. “All the contestants were great, but Nate seemed so natural on stage, as if he couldn’t care less whether he won or lost..and his speech was phenomenal!” said senior Madeline Grodnek, one of the judges of the competition. Muckley said winning the mock pageant was both shocking and exciting, but preparing and spending time with the other contestants ultimately stole the show. “I felt like Hannah Corbett, but I mean, less pretty,” said Muckley. “But seriously, in the beginning, everyone was kind of freaking out backstage, running around and being super nervous, but when everyone went up there and we were laughing at each other; it was one of the best experiences of my senior year so far.”