Yearbook introduces new concepts

Sam Flumerfelt

The Sangraal yearbook highlights the special events at BSM by capturing every moment in a BSM student’s high-school career. This year, the yearbook staff has implemented new aspects and introduced different concepts including customized fonts and senior signatures to create a new-and-improved approach. When the yearbooks are distributed, on May 23, these new aspects will be able to be viewed by students and faculty.

Each year, every yearbook has a new theme. “This years theme is As We See It,” said senior Caroline McMahon, Editor-in-Chief of the yearbook. The yearbook staff discussed an idea that everyone at school could relate to and understand. “I don’t think people really realize that each year we have a theme. They just go through and look at the pictures and all of that, but a theme is actually one of the most important aspects of yearbook,” said McMahon.

This year’s yearbook will be revamped to a more personalized approach. “This year, we had people write their own fonts to make it more personalized,” said senior staff member Hannah Koplin. “The fonts will be the headlines and titles on different pages. Also, rather than last year’s senior names [typed], each senior signed their own name to go next to their picture.”

In addition to customized lettering, quotes will be used throughout the yearbook. “We tried to get a lot of quotes that will be used throughout the book…so people should look for their names everywhere,” said McMahon.

Another concept introduced this year, allows students to create their own yearbook pages. “We offered personal yearbook pages that students could purchase,” said advisor Kelli Rahn. “They can get four additional pages that they can put their pictures in, and it will only be in their yearbook and no one else’s.”

This year, three yearbook staff members helped decide on these new concepts. This summer, the group and Ms. Rahn attended a yearbook camp at Gustavus Adolphus in Saint Peter, Minnesota. “We learned about layout, and we focused on themes for the yearbook,” said Ms. Rahn.

As for the content, the yearbook strives to include as many clubs, activities, and sports as possible. “Any [group that] is on the website is included in the yearbook,” said Ms. Rahn.

The staff’s decision to include these new concepts in the yearbook took some thought and could lead to more personalized, future yearbooks. “Everyone on staff put so much work into it, and we want everyone at BSM to be apart of it and be excited to crack open the book when we get them in May,” said McMahon.