New intern learns from guidance counselor

Kelly Dwyer, staff writer

On the first day of second semester, new guidance counselor intern Luke Riesgraf had the same feelings that a new student does on the first day of school. “My experience at BSM has been fantastic. Initially, I felt like a new student as I walked into front door, intimidated and daunted by the unknown,” said Riesgraf. However he quickly realized there was no reason to be scared because he was immediately accepted. Riesgraf will be here for five weeks, and after that he will intern at a middle school and then at an elementary school. “I thought that it would be good for an intern to come to BSM because we have a lot of good stuff going on in our guidance department,” said Mr. Fran Roby. BSM has many resources in the guidance department like support groups, college guidance, and educational help which will expose Riesgraf to many different jobs in the guidance field.