Knitters unite

Grace Gallagher, staff writer

All those who value the warmth of hats, gloves, and scarves have joined knitting team; the club meets every Thursday at 2:45 in room 153 with knitting needles in hand, eager to create their own articles of clothing.

Knitting club informally started when Ms. Shari Parsons, the special needs coordinator, held a knitting group after school. However, the first official school knitting team formed last year, courtesy of Ms. Anna Overbo and BSM alum Alex Robbins.

Although the team involves both knitting and crocheting, it was dubbed the knitting team for simplicity’s sake. “[It’s] awkward to say knitting, crocheting team,” said Ms. Overbo.

During their meetings, the team makes a variety of items, the most common being scarves, hats, mittens, and potholders. Ms. Overbo suggests potholders for those who are seeking immediate gratification instead of the ever-popular scarves.

The atmosphere is very relaxed. The team mainly sits down, knits, talk, and have fun listening to Ms. Overbo’s famous stories. “The meetings are pretty relaxed, and [Ms. Overbo’s stories] are really hilarious,” said junior Emily Boole.

For anyone caught with nothing to do on Thursday afternoons, the Knitting Team always welcomes new members. “It’s a nice way to end your Thursday,” said Boole.