Forum combines multiple aspects

Grace Gallagher, staff writer

Student Leadership Forum brings together two to three representatives from PRO, NHS, RKVC, Link Crew, Knight Life and Student Council to keep each club informed and to learn about servant leadership.

Mr. Zach Zeckser helped form Student Leadership Forum so students from the six main clubs or groups could update each other on what the other clubs have been doing. “It started two springs ago, in the spring of ’08… we met once a month,” said Zeckser.

When the forum was started, Mr. Zeckser was adamant that he wanted to work with at least one representative from each group. He didn’t want the students to be only leaders, but servants as well. “The group is a handful of servants from the different groups,” said Zeckser.

Last year was a test run or building year, and the forum has morphed over that time. The different clubs now meet approximately every other week to discuss ideas and give updates about what has been happening in the individual groups. “[Student Leadership Forum] is more of a combined larger group of the smaller clubs,” said junior Kyle Anderson.

During some of the meetings, the group discusses and learns about the ten pillars of student-leadership: listening, empathy, healing, awareness, persuasion, conceptualizing, foresight, stewardship, people’s growth, and community. “We talk about all of the pillars, but some weeks we’re only taught about a certain one by a member in the group,” said junior Melissa Luther.

The six returning senior members, Jack Tift, Brooke Dornbach, Adrienne Vickers, Bernardo Vigil, Ellie Jaskowiak, and Francesca Sifferlin, take turns teaching the other members about each of the ten pillars. “[Some] meetings are used for the returning Student Leadership Forum members to coach the other students on leadership,” said Zeckser.

It’s nice to see leaders coming together to help serve their community and provide for the needs of others. “Our motto is servant first, leader second,” said junior Afua Paintsil.