A night of procrastination

Shannon Cron

Two papers, 50 pages of reading, one lab report, most of a religion project, and a week’s worth of math homework. It’s 9:30 p.m. and I have yet to start any of it.

I procrastinate. Sure, this may seem like a counterproductive solution to my busy schedule––putting everything off until the last minute, even though the homework was assigned two weeks ago. But trust me, nothing compares to the thrill of finishing six hours of homework in two.

Now that I have successfully done nothing for the last four hours, I decide it’s finally time to crack open the online textbook and get down to work. Though I am completely focused on the words in front of me, somehow I find myself on Facebook––two minutes later.

With so many notifications to check, pictures to look at for the third time tonight, and a newsfeed to peruse, I try my best to get off of Facebook as fast as possible. This is easier said than done, considering my social status in the cyber world.

“Ding-da-do,” I hear just as I was saying goodbye to Facebook for the night. This timing is even worse than the new Facebook chat sound. I say to myself, “Only if this is important.”

“Hey…what’s up?!:)”

Well, she presents a legitimate question. I have no choice but to respond. Besides, I can work on homework and Facebook chat at the same time––I am an expert when it comes to multi-tasking.

After making awkward small talk (asking homework questions I didn’t really have, excessively hahaha-ing, and talking about all the homework I haven’t done), one hour and forty-five minutes later I leave––well, minimize––Facebook and I am back on task.

Though I feel as if I have been working rigorously all night, I realize the only things done were the headings on my English papers. It’s getting pretty late, but I work better under pressure anyway.

Despite the fact I have an unsettling amount of work left to do, I’m feeling quite tired. I opt to take a quick ten minute power nap, just to rejuvenate myself. After hitting snooze thirteen times, i finally wake up––sort of. I Facebook chat a few people (in somewhat of a trance), and convince myself I already finished the reading assignment for English class.

Four cups of coffee, seventeen different Safari windows, four more visits to Facebook, and two meltdowns later, I finish everything except my math homework––and it’s only 2 a.m.! Besides, what else would I do other than matrices and functions during choir class?

Now I can sleep with ease, knowing I finished all of my homework due tomorrow. Well, today.