Love is multiplied, not divided

Love is multiplied, not divided

Mrs. Seppala, her husband and daughter, Anya, welcomed Finn into the family in the middle of August.

Karen Valde

Welcoming a new member to the family on Thursday, August 19, Mrs. Mary Seppala made the transition into the new school year of no backpacks and laptops on Oct. 18.

Mrs. Seppala found missing that much of school pretty difficult. “Missing the first part of school was difficult because I wanted to establish how I wanted my classes to be run,” said Mrs. Seppala.

Mrs. Seppala put a lot of thought into her baby’s name. His first name is Finn, an Irish name, because Irish is Mrs. Seppala’s heritage. But Finn is also a name for a Finnish person, which is Mr. Seppala’s heritage. His middle name, Walter, comes from both Mr. and Mrs. Seppalas’ grandfather’s name.

Finn weighted 8 pounds 15 ounces when born, and he was 21 inches long.

Finn’s sister Anya was used to being an only child until Finn came along. But now that she has a younger brother, Mrs. Seppala says that Anya will be playing alone and stop and come check on Finn.

Mrs. Seppala found that bringing Finn to the family really easy. Going off of her math teacher roots, Mrs. Seppala said, “Love multiplies, not divides.”