Not only a change of last names

Not only a change of last names

Mrs. Meagher, previously Ms. Walsh, and her husband celebrating the wedding at the after party with family and friends.

Julia Weber

Many students thought that two new teachers came to BSM after MEA break, but Mrs. Meagher and Ms. Murray are just Becca Walsh and Mary Windsor with new last names.

Ms. Walsh––now Mrs. Meagher––got married on October 22 to Grady Meagher, whom she met on “We dated for 10 months, and I wasn’t expecting him to propose to me, so when he did, it was a big surprise,” said Mrs. Meagher.

Mr. Meagher proposed to her at midnight on their 10-month anniversary, December 22. “We were looking at the Christmas tree, and he said, ‘Which ornament is your favorite?’ and I pointed to my favorite,” said Mrs. Meagher, “and then he said, ‘This one is my favorite,’ and he pointed to my engagement ring that he had hung from the branch.”

Mr. and Mrs. Meagher exchanged vows at the Basilica of St. Mary in Minneapolis, with 165 guests to witness the moment. “There were a lot of BSM teachers who came to the wedding like Ms. Lenhart-Murphy, Ms. Kern, Ms. Brew, Mr. Backen, Ms. O’Keefe, and most of the Theology Department,” said Mrs. Meagher.

After the ceremony, a band called R Factor played for the new couple and their guests, and Mr. and Mrs. Meagher had their first dance to “Let’s Stay Together” by Al Green.

Mrs. Meagher said that the biggest changes for her are living with her new husband and living in a new house. “It’s really different to have to have to think of someone else while you’re at home,” said Mrs. Meagher.

Ms. Windsor––now Ms. Murray––got married to Dan Murray on October 23. Mr. and Ms. Murray originally met 9 years ago when she was student teaching at Eden Prairie High School, but they didn’t stay in contact until they started dating seven years later. The two dated for a year and a half before getting married.

Last summer Ms. Murray went with Mr. Murray to Germany with students from the German class that he teaches. They went to the Newschwanstein Castle, and that is where Mr. Murray proposed. “He took me down to the lake below the castle where there were these beautiful white swans walking around. When I turned around, he was on his knee ready to propose. It was so romantic,” said Ms. Murray.

The Murrays both had daughters from previous marriages and knew that getting married would be a drastic change; but after talking about marriage for a long time, they decided that it would be the right thing to do for each other and their families. Mr. and Ms. Murray got married in her hometown of Stevens Point, Wisconsin, with 225 guests to celebrate the moment with them.

The biggest changes for Ms. Murray about being married are her new last name and blending households. “There is this feeling that there is no more searching and that I am loved, and that makes me feel so much more confident,” said Ms. Murray.